A - Fundamental Issues in Language Teaching and Learning

Certificates (Extensión Universitaria) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

AFundamental Issues in Language Teaching and Learning18 credits
1Methodological Approaches
3 credits
2Second Language Acquisition3 credits
3Classroom Management3 credits
4Materials and Resources in EFL 3 credits
5Developing Language Skills in the Classroom3 credits
6Individual Factors3 credits
BApplying the principles of Language Teaching and Learning12 credits
1Observation and Research in the Language Classroom
3 credits
2Tasks and Projects3 credits
3Learning Strategies3 credits
4CALL3 credits
CLanguage and Culture12 credits
1Teaching English through Translation
3 credits
2Approaches to Language 3 credits
3Teaching pronunciation3 credits
4English in the Community3 credits