A - Fundamental Issues in Language Teaching and Learning


In order to be awarded The Master, Diploma (Especialización) and Certificates (Extensión universitaria) in TEFL the candidates have to obtain a certain number of credits. The table below summarises the credits for each course.

(Extensión Universitaria)
Course Work5130 181212
Research Project20------------
Total Credits8140181212
* Fundamentals Issues in Language Teaching and Learning
** Applying the principals of Language Teaching and Learning
*** Language and Culture

You have an option to choose which of the available courses most suits your individual needs. Each of the above courses (the Master, Diploma and Certificates) functions separately. In other words, it is not necessary to do any of the Certificates or the Diploma before doing the Master. You may decide to do one or several Certificates (A, B, C), the Diploma, or the Master.

The Certificate courses can allow you to obtain credit transfer for a later enrolment on the Postgraduate Diploma or Master in TEFL.

As specified further on in this dossier, you also have the possibility to, upon completion of the Master in TEFL, transfer credits for the common subjects to the Master in FOPELE (teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language).