A - Fundamental Issues in Language Teaching and Learning

Why by distance mode?

These distance education courses can be included in an educational model of a collaborative nature that encourages interaction and provides access to the teaching experience of the participants in the programme, both tutors and students alike, through discussion groups, debates and chats.

The programme designed for the Master, Diploma and Certificates in TEFL has many distinctive features compared to other in-service teacher training programmes:

  • It breaks away from the limited reductionist view that is generally had concerning on-line distance education, where the student is merely provided with material and as such only encouraged to engage in individualistic learning.
  • Along the lines of the above idea, special attention is paid to the processes that are essential to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training (collaborative and constructivist learning).
  • The materials and the didactic resources have been specially designed to help you monitor and assess your own progress.
  • Access is offered to all bibliography that can be considered compulsory readings.
  • Efficient and flexible channels of communication are available to deal with your queries (telephone, fax, e-mail, and Internet).
  • Students are offered constant support and multiple ways in which to communicate with tutors and peers, both in relation to academic matters and to those of personal interest.
  • You can apply your developing knowledge and skills to your work immediately.
  • You can combine the programme parallel to your own commitments.
  • You do not have to attend classes.
  • There is no fixed time table.
  • You have flexibility to study whenever you wish.

Distance education stands out as a powerful option in the present and future of our society. Being able to offer quality on-line university degrees provides the universities with the dynamism and prestige that prevents them from remaining static vis-à-vis this new, more democratic, concept of education.