Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Study Materials

The study programme for the Master, Diploma and Certificates in TEFL has been subjected to rigorous educational planning processes, and it offers a very high standard in terms of study materials and teaching resources.

At the beginning of each term you will receive a set of high quality distance learning materials. These have been written by specialists from FUNIBER, and from the universities participating in the TEFL programme. The course methodology has been tried and tested, reflecting the expertise acquired over the years, both in the field of distance education and in the field of TEFL, and it is thus of the highest standard. The course content is continually updated, which ensures its relevance to the context of teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The course is divided into three main modules, Module A (Second Language Learning and Teaching), Module B (Methodologies and Materials in Language Learning and Teaching) and Module C (Curriculum and Course Design). Each term you will receive the study materials for three or four subjects taken from these main core areas.

Each of the Certificates constitutes a selection of subjects from the three modules Fundamentals Issues in Language Teaching and Learning, Applying the principals of Language Teaching and Learning, Language and Culture.

The study material for each subject includes the following:

  • A preliminary introduction stating the general objectives of the subject.
  • The subject contents, including theory and pedagogical implications.
  • Tasks to help you reflect on what you are reading.
  • Suggestions for further reading.
  • A complete bibliography for the subject.
  • The assignment.
  • Key supplementary readings on the subject.
  • A specialised glossary of key terms in English and Spanish.
  • Access to recommended readings.

The Master, Diploma and Certificates in TEFL programmes do not assume that you have prior knowledge of a particular subject. Thus, emphasis is given to simplicity of style in the study materials and clear explanations of technical terms.

Case studies and practical classroom work are included in the study materials to ensure that they relate directly to your current or future professional experience.

Along with the first term’s materials, you will receive a booklet entitled Student’s Guide. The aim of this booklet is to provide you with information, which will help you to study more effectively, as well as detailed guidelines for writing assignments, and assessment procedures. This guide also explains the functioning of the Virtual Campus; a tool we strongly recommend in order for you to get the most out of the courses and to make the learning experience a collaborate one despite being done in distance mode.